I have had the pleasure of working, throughout my varied career path, with a diversity of people.  Differences in education, gender, culture, and values have created an opportunity to learn how effective listening and communication could lead to productive working relationships.  As a school  counselor, administrator and college educator,  I have observed the impact values have on decision making and the accompanying stress, if  not honored.  I can personally vouch how stress if left untouched, can play havoc with mind and body energy.

My 25 + years working with students in a high school and college setting was the impetus to construct the 3 prong program.  I know the power of helping someone say their thoughts out loud as they process them for clarity and purpose.

As a life long student learner of human nature, I am dedicated to promoting active listening skills.


My workshops/seminars support individuals motivated to advance their self-awareness.  

The workshops are designed to explore the current you while offering empowering  strategies to help move you forward into a newer you.      

The workshops focus on three key areas:

  • S – Stress –   “It’s not a bad 6 letter word.” It can be energizing or draining.  Understanding your core values help guide your approach to the stress in your life

  • H – Hearing – your communication begins and ends with you. What you hear and how you listen depends on your internal and external self-perception.  Learning effective listening skills will lead to much stronger communication in relationships.

  • E – Energy – is it at the level you want it to be? Your self concept of the world around you is based on your energetic levels.  You create your world with the knowledge of this energy

The workshops or seminars are interactive, hands-on,  designed  to help participating individuals

  • promote comprehensive healing through understand your values
  • develop effective listening skills
  • recognizing overall energy impacting self and others level impacts daily interactions

Each key area can be presented as a stand-alone or all 3 areas can be discussed during one presentation.

The choice is yours but so is the benefit.

The goal of any workshop is to guide each participant to experience life  as they desire. The focus on these 3 key areas leads to amazing insights and transformations.

I encourage all to SEE first, BELIEVE next.


My 20+ years of experience as a School Counselor and then an administrator in a juvenile correctional facility honed my listening skills. I learned consistency, flexibility and creativity were my guideposts to reaching and helping my students succeed.  Speaking daily to a crowd of rowdy teenagers showed how I could work without a net and bounce back without a scrape.

I currently work as an adjunct instructor at a local university.  I have the pleasure of teaching both graduate and undergraduate classes.  I am able to promote active listening skills through class instruction and class demonstration. The development of my quick wit, juggling skills, and student engagement are in constant rotation.

I have a M.Ed, a Leadership Certification , and am a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) through Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC).

Personal Experience –

  • I strongly believe in community involvement.
  • I volunteer with NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness) Delaware by helping with fundraisers and  speaking engagements.
  • I am the Secretary for my Civic Association.
  • I am the Vice President for my Spiritual Center.
  • I  am a Mentor Coach for Women For Change Coaching.




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Your life does not get better by chance,

It gets better by Change.  

Jim Rohn

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